Welcome & Icebreaker Questions

Welcome Ladies!

By now you've received the intro and Chapter 1 of Longing for Home. We pray and trust that God is impacting your life with this beautiful picture of His big story — a relentless, merciful and loving Father who longs to make His home with His children. Here are a few instructions for getting setup.

  1. Read the designated chapter. (Intro + 1 — January, 2 — February, 3 — March, etc.)
  2. "Get Together with Others" questions will be emailed on Wednesdays.
  3. Click on the "Join the Discussion" button. You'll be taken to getintotheword.ca/lfh where you can comment. 
  4. Post your answer to at least one discussion question in the comment section.
  5. Reply to at least one other comment from a fellow traveller. 
  6. Continue reading and making your home with Jesus!

As you post, it's worth noting that the page is not publicly advertised but it's also not password protected. The comment section could be read if someone were really searching for it.

We are so thankful you are joining this journey together with us.

Kathy, Susan & Stephanie

Icebreaker Questions:

  1. How many different places have you called home over the years?
  2. What comes to mind when you hear the word “home”?
  3. How does the theme “Longing for Home” resonate with you?

All the Chapter 1  "Get Together With Others" questions will be posted THIS Friday. After that, the chapter questions will be spread out over the Wednesday's in the month. Keep an eye out in your email and be sure to add stephaniembeaulieu@outlook.com to your safe senders list.