Chapter 1 Questions (Longing for Home)

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  1. Think about something you own like a car or a house, or something that you’ve “created”—say, a pan of lasagna, a knitted scarf, or maybe a refurbished Mustang.
    1. Discuss the implications of ownership: Who does the object belong to? Who determines the purpose of the “creation”?
    2. If God created the earth and all that is in it—including us—does it all belong to him How might that affect the way we live life?
  2. What does the creation story reveal about the nature and character of God?
    1. Did you notice that Genesis 1 and 2 (Acts 1 and 2 in our narrative) emphasize different aspects of God’s character? What do we learn from each? Why might God have told the story of creation from two different vantage points?
  3. According to Genesis 1-2, we are created beings: formed from dust and yet made in the image of God.
    1. How might this truth change the way you view yourself? Or how you treat others?
  4. Discuss the idea that the Garden of Eden was not only a perfect home but also a sanctuary—the place where God intended to dwell and meet with humanity. Does that surprise you?


What in this chapter challenged your previous understanding of God or yourself? How so?