Week 6: Walk in Love Through Ephesians

We are nearing the end of our time together. This is the last week of personal study for Walk in Love Through Ephesians with one more wrap-up video coming next Monday. If you are working at your own pace you're in good company and with the majority! I pray that you stick with it. 

This week we will look at how walking in love is a battle. Like most good things in life, it doesn't come easy. Thankfully, we are told exactly what we need to do in order to experience a victorious life in the midst of a battle that rages on. 

Our world is noisy isn't it? We are overloaded with information, noise and social media just to name a few things. We need to intentionally quiet the noise of the world and turn up the volume of truth. As you'll see this week, truth is essential and the foundation of being prepared for battle! 

I pray you'll be intentional about inclining your ear this week to hear His voice. I'm praying for you as you get into the Word!