Week 5 Discussion: Living on Purpose

Share your response to one of the reflection/discussion questions from this week's study below:

  • Time is a valuable resource. We can always find time for the things we deem important. What currently occupies the majority of your free time? Do you find yourself saying, “I don’t have time” when it comes to spiritual disciplines? What can you rearrange in your life in order to prioritize exposing your life to truth? 

  • Is your tendency to lean towards being dependent (doing less) or active (doing more) when it comes to spiritual growth? Give one example of what being a dependently active  partner with the Spirit would look like.  

  • The word Kairos that is translated “time” means “that which time gives the opportunity to do, and may be necessary but not convenient.” What do you feel God prompting you to do that is necessary though perhaps not convenient?  

  • What is your instinctive response to the words submit and respect ?