Week 4 Discussion: Walking with Him

We would love for you to take a moment and share about what God is teaching you. There's no greater joy than seeing Him at work in our lives! Share your response to one of the questions below by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on "Comments." 

  • Are there truths that have filled your heart to overflowing from your study of the first half of Ephesians? In 3 words, summarize what God has spoken to you about so far.Is there anything still standing between you and embracing all God has made available?

  • Calling can be understood as an intersection between your giftedness and your burden. Who do you feel burdened for? What gifts has God given you? Where do your giftedness and burden meet?

  • When you look back, what are some areas of your life that God has matured in you? Who or what did He use in that process? Where can you can be a similar instrument in another's life?