Week 4: Walk in Love Through Ephesians

Welcome to Week 4! No matter where you are in Ephesians, I encourage you to stick with it! There is no such thing as behind. There are people who pick up where they left off, and people who don't. There is no better day than today to get back into the Word! 

(Over Christmas, I finished an 11-session Bible study that I started last June. Do the math. Just saying... you're probably doing alright!)

Every night I have to plug in my cell phone. With all the advancements in technology, no one has come up with a smart phone battery that doesn't need to be charged.

It's easy to think of spiritual life like our smart phones. We plug in when we desperately need to but then unplug and rely on what has been poured into us.

This week, resist the urge to unplug! Allow Him to continually pour into you. Stay in the Word. Connect with Him in prayer throughout your day. 

You're going to see how the key to walking in love lies in our present and continual relationship with Him. You're halfway through, or at least on your way to halfway through. Stick with it sister!

I'm praying for you this week!