Week 2 Discussion: What Do You See?

An online Bible study is great for many reasons! I love the flexibility and accessibility. And most definitely more of you can fit into this virtual space than I cram into my living room! There are things I miss about being face to face. I miss seeing  faces and witnessing a moment when truth resonates. There is a spark of new faith in one’s eyes when scripture come to life.

I would be incredibly delighted to know what God is teaching you! I'm confident that others will be encouraged by your authenticity and the good company they're in on this journey through Ephesians. In the comment section below, share your response to one of the questions from this week's personal study. If you're not finished yet, don't worry. There's no such thing as behind in this study. God's Word is always on perfect time. 

  • Are you able to see the masterpiece (God’s original intent) in yourself and in others or are you easily distracted by the “mud” (sin, struggles, behaviour etc.)? 


  • Are you tempted to view the good works certain people do as more important than others? “The call of God on our lives is about obedience.” Have you been tempted to busy yourself with work He’s called other’s to do, or have you set out with the primary goal of obeying whatever He specifically asks of you? 


  • What makes it easy or difficult for you to identify with Paul's description of your condition: dead in trespasses and sin, disobedient, carrying out the desires of the flesh and by nature a child of wrath? Do you struggle with disobedience in more invisible or observable ways? Why?

Praying for you as you get into the Word!