Week 2: Walk in Love Through Ephesians

After sending out the Week 1 Discussion Blog last week I got several emails in my inbox saying, "Yes, I'm receiving all the materials here on my end!" At first I thought, that's nice of them to let me know everything's working. After a few similar responses I thought, I wonder why everyone is telling me the same thing? I went back to the post, quickly skimmed it and found the culprit. It read:   

This week, youโ€™ve been studying the spiritual blessings you received the moment you believed in Jesus. God is sending His Word and wants it permanently stamped on your soul. Are you receiving it? Or are there barriers blocking your reception of His amazing truth?

In the email the one line was personalized, "Stephanie, are you receiving it?"  making it very easy to think at a glance that it was referring to the physical email and not the spiritual truth on identity! 

I'm glad you're receiving both the emails, and hopefully and more importantly the spiritual truth that God has declared in Ephesians. 

As of today, there are 362 people on this Ephesians journey with us. God has completely blown my expectations out of the water. I'm so thrilled that so many have a desire to get into the word and privileged that you've allowed us to serve you in this way. 

Last week, our big picture was "Walking in love begins with understanding who I am." This week we will continue to see what God has done on our behalf. This week's big picture is "Walking in love flows as I understand how I have been loved."

I cannot wait to see what God will reveal and hear about how He has met with you. 

We would love to hear about what you are learning. We enjoyed reading the comments left on the week 1 materials post and the week 1 discussion blog. If you'd like to share what you are learning or respond to what someone else has shared, the comments can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Grab your cup of tea or coffee and head and visit the virtual discussion there.

Praying for you this week as you get into the Word!