A GIVEAWAY you won't want to miss + What's Happening this Summer @ GITW

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Join me for a Simple Summer at Get into the Word? 

As I've been praying about how to best serve you this summer, I felt this question prompting the answer: What do you need right now? I need things to be simple. You? 

While life feels noisier and busier every year, summer is a welcome two-month time out from the schedule. With small groups and Bible studies taking breaks, summer is a time to personally connect with a simple spiritual discipline— scripture memory. 

I'm inviting you to join me for a Simple Summer of Scripture Memory

9 verses in 9 weeks beginning Tuesday, July 3. 

Many moons ago (before children), my small group memorized Scripture weekly. We had index cards, rings, a chart and gold stars. While we laughed about being grown women earning gold star stickers, we didn't mess around. The fruit of that season was we hid God's Word in our minds and hearts. And I gotta tell you, I've been missing it! In case you're thinking, I can't memorize Scripture, I'm happy to lovingly tell you you're wrong. Would God command us to love Him with all our minds if it was impossible? He gave us minds to understand Him. But if you're like me, and you feel like your brain is at or past capacity, I invite you to make room. 

I don't want to pile something else on, so on Wednesday's I will be trading social media for Scripture memory in July and August. Imagine how deep God's Word could be in our hearts if instead of scrolling, we rehearse Scripture? Instead of packing more in, I want to put my mind to work.  Every Tuesday this summer beginning July 3, you'll receive an email with the week's verse. 

If you'd like to join me, SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE!

The giveaway you don't want to miss... 

In celebration of Living Proof Live coming to Calgary June 22-23 I've been sharing a series of stories on my (Stephanie's) blog at about how God has intersected my faith journey through the ministry of Living Proof Live.

And, I'm giving away ONE TICKET to LPL (valued at $79 USD) to one of my email subscriber friends this Friday! 


One last thing... I will be teaching two breakout sessions along with my mom Kathy at YouLead. We would love to see you there! Tickets and more info here!