Lego & Learning God's Word [When opening your Bible isn't what you expected]


My four-year-old excitedly opened the box containing his new birthday present — a Lego set. His expression gave away his disappointment with the 144 individual pieces laying in front of him. He pointed to the picture on the box wanting to know where "that toy" was. 

Perhaps you've opened your own Bible and felt more like you're sitting amongst 144 individual pieces rather than "that toy." 

Thanks to technology, we have unprecedented access to the best Biblical teaching through videos, podcasts, and blogs. We get to see and hear a lot of "that toy" but find ourselves frustrated and overwhelmed amongst the individual Lego blocks we come across in our own reading of Scripture.

We have the privilege of receiving what someone else has taken the time to unpack and put back together. What we don't see is their long-time journey with the Word and their own struggle to understand, interpret and apply it. Even the most gifted teacher started with pieces and a set of instructions. 

As we open our Bibles, we ask God to open our hearts and minds.

We can't understand, interpret and apply truth without Him as our Teacher. Then we read and ask three simple questions: 

These questions, help us comprehend, interpret, and apply Scripture so that we can know and love God and live out the gospel. 

As you seek to apply Scripture, these questions might help: 

  • What do I sense God is saying to me?
  • Is there truth to believe?
  • Is there action to take?
  • Is there transformation to ask for? 
  • How could I live today in a way that reflects I believe this is true?

My son did eventually get regain his excitement over the Lego, but not until his sister followed the step-by-step instructions and built it before his very eyes. Seeing her do it inspired him to want to learn the process himself. 


Journey with the Word:

This week, go back through John 1:1-18 and ask, "How does it work?" Here a few applications I found in John 1:1-18:


  • Jesus was with God in the beginning at creation, and all things were created through Him. Life is only found in Christ. 
  • Thank you that through receiving Jesus Christ, I've been given the right to be your child. Change my mind so I see myself in this way. 


  • Lord, empty me of me so I can be filled with you so that you shine in and through my life so people might believe through my testimony and I might be full of both grace and truth. 


  • What kind of thoughts, words and actions shine brightly in a way that reflects Christ in this dark world? (v.5)


As you get into the Word, I pray you cannot help loving Him more as you come to know Him more!

Only by grace,

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Recommended Resources for Further Study:

1. Women of the Word, by Jen Wilkin

Women of the Word will give you more nuts and bolts of how to study Scripture. 

2. Read the Bible for Life by George Guthrie

Read the Bible for Life will give you an overview of how to read the different genres you find in Scripture — how to read the Old Testament stories, how to read Proverbs, etc. 

3. Ephesians or James Bible study.

If you want a guided experience of getting into the Word for yourself, check out either of these. Each week of study takes you through one chapter of the book of the Bible, asking these three questions — What does it say? What does it mean? How does it work?