Is the Bible too hard to understand and too difficult to live out?


My littlest man has been feeding himself since he was coordinated enough to get a fist full of food in the general vicinity of his mouth.

Recently, he was getting his hanger (hunger/anger) on, so I quickly buckled him into the seat and warmed up his lunch.

My friend scooped up a bite with his spoon and looked at me with surprise and confusion when he objected by turning his face away and pursing his lips closed. 

He wants to do it himself, I told her. 

She put his spoon down and only seconds later, he picked it up and happily shovelled his food into his mouth. He's my littlest big boy.

Recently, women I walk with have confessed to me that they don't know how to study the Word for themselves. This past weekend, we attended a conference together where quite literally, ever single session boiled down to, you need to be in the Word.

They know they need to; but they don't know how.

Perhaps you've felt the same? You've been eating cut-up food and now you're ready for some cutlery. 

This past weekend, Lysa Terkheurst shared this statement that has stuck in my mind:

"The enemy wants you to believe that the Word of God is too hard to understand and too difficult to live out."

How many people I know and love believe this lie? 

We must always ask this one question:  is it TRUE? How do we know what is true? We look to the Bible. 

Is is true? What do we fight back with when the enemy tries to convince us that the Word of God is too hard to understand and too difficult to live out? 

Let the Word of God speak. Write down these swords to fight to keep a grip on your cutlery as you study Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:16, John 14:16 and Luke 24:45.

Before you begin your time in the Word, with the Word, confess the truth:

You've given me the mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit the teacher and reminder of the Truth. Holy Spirit, open my mind so I can understand the Scriptures.  

Journey with the Word:

This week, read John 1:1-18. Write down this question, "What does it say?"

Take note of what it says or questions you have from this "bird's eye view." You're on the right track if you have more questions than answers. 

Just because you don't know now, doesn't mean you won't know later.

 Ready? Roll up your sleeves and grab this knife and fork. It's okay if it gets a little messy, and we're going to have some fun. See you next week!

Only by grace,

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