Special Announcement: Brownies & Bible Study

Have you ever ordered the White Chocolate Brownie on Moxie’s dessert menu?

Picture an immense, warm white chocolate brownie hidden beneath two generous scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream, covered by swirls of whipped cream and trails of chocolate sauce. It’s as decadent as it sounds.

When you’re enjoying this dessert with friends, it’s fantastic. Multiple spoons divide and conquer, leaving your whetted appetite wanting more.


On your own, it’s a different story. The first few bites are delightful, but as your stomach runs out of room, the melting mound staring back at you becomes overwhelming.  Maybe you’re the type to push past reason and down the thing because you’re no quitter.  Or maybe you’re on the other end, and you surrender your spoon after only a few bites, and think no point.

Bible study can be a bit like this brownie. We desire Truth and we know we need it, so we order up a Bible study with a dollop of enthusiasm and a drizzle of good intentions. At some point, we find ourselves overwhelmed and we inevitably fall behind.

Like the decadent dessert, it’s all we wanted but more than we bargained for.   

In some seasons, my DNA has driven me to fill in every blank, answer every question, and finish at all costs, even if it was minutes before my small group was meeting. I simply had to finish my homework. At other times, the gap between where I’m supposed to be and where I am is so overwhelming that throwing in the towel seems like the only sensible solution.

Imagine my delight when I discovered Moxie’s Bite of Brownie option. It’s the exact same dessert—real ice cream, real whipped cream, and real chocolate sauce on top of a fraction of the brownie. It’s simply smaller. It’s bite-size.

It is this bite-size brownie that has inspired the next Bible study here at getintotheword.ca. 

More details coming soon!

Which do you identify more with, "I'm no quitter" or "There's no point"?