Putting Him on Display

The Christmas my daughter was two, she was very into learning Carols. She was also at the age where she often asked probing questions. One day she was belting out Hark the Herald Angels Sing and she sang, “G’ ory to the newbown kin.” She then paused, looked at me and asked, “Mummy, what’s g’ory ”? 
In this instance it seemed inappropriate to say, hold on while I get out my Greek lexicon and exegete the meaning of this word for you. I paused, trying to think of how I could communicate this magnificent concept in toddler terms. All I could manage was, “It means… to recognize God for who He is.” She nodded and continued on with her caroling. 

As I read in this first chapter of Ephesians that all we’ve been given might be to the praise of His glory I looked at the definition:

Glory: The appearance of a person or thing which catches the eye or attracts attention, commanding recognition, looking like something; Equivalent to splendor, brilliance, attracting the gaze which makes it strong; 
Our lives are to catch the eye, attract attention, command recognition because we look like something.

Better yet, we look like Someone.

We weren’t chosen because our resumes would make good poster girls for Christianity. But I’ve concluded that we are intended to be poster girls for His glory because our lives are meant to put Him on display so He can be seen for who He is.  

When our identities are determined by our belief in Jesus, when we live securely with the seal and promise of the Holy Spirit, when we continually seek God because we know there is always more to Him than we currently know or have experienced, we put Him on display. Our lives are lived to the praise of His glory. Others will see and know of the forgiveness, redemption and hope that is available. 

This excerpt is taken from Walk in Love Through Ephesians. To sign up for this Bible study, or to learn more, click HERE.