Can You Forget Your Face?

Imagine looking in the mirror one morning only to forget what you see moments later. You go about your day wearing the evidences of the night across your face - bedhead, smeared makeup, drool lines and bad breath. After one day of realizing the foolishness of your appearance, you’d hopefully be intentional about reminding yourself to DO something about it rather than forget.  

James describes our spiritual condition in a similar fashion. Forgetting to put into practice what we have heard is like forgetting our own appearance. The NASB translation translates James 1:25 as, “not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer… this man will be blessed in what he does.”  

Ask God to continually remind you of what you have heard, and increase your desire to obey Him so you can become an effectual doer.  

CONNECT: Lord, tune my heart to become someone that doesn’t just hear but truly listens both to you and to others. Help me to hear the heart of what is said to me. Help me to carefully guard my words so I can become slow to speak. Get rid of any of the filth in my life that is keeping the Word from being planted in me. I confess the temptation to be content with just hearing the Word when you desire so much more from me. Make me a doer of your Word. I want to obey you. Put a guard over my mouth and change my heart so that my Words build people up and point them to you.  

This excerpt was taken from "Journey Through James- A Roadmap For Trials." To access this free material, click here.