Confessions of a Bible Study Author & Contest Time


Today I am just about finished Part 2 of Week 4 of MY Ephesians Bible Study. When I flip back to the Week 1 Video guide, it's dated July 18. Math whiz or not, I'm sure you quickly figured out that is more than 6 weeks! 

Over the summer, my small group was taking a break so I thought, what a great time to do an online Bible study! I sat down to begin (sometime before July 18) only to remember that I hadn't yet printed anything. Then I felt annoyed about this extra step. Whose idea was it to have to print stuff off every week? (Mine. Yep.) So I went online to Staples Copy and Print Centre and treated myself to a coil bound colour copy (I like pretty things) of the entire workbook. Is it ironic that the author of an online Bible study is a paper person? 

At the store I flipped open to the middle and had a quick glance. It looked good so I paid and went home. When I sat down again, I opened to the first page only to find it was page 82 and was a summary page for the end of the study. When I had flipped to the middle, I hadn't noticed the entire book was printed backwards. *Sigh.*


What's a girl to do? Just go with it. If you wait for the perfect circumstances to get into the Word, it will NEVER HAPPEN. Ever. Sometimes in it's imperfection, today has to be the day. No matter how many yesterday's the ball has been dropped, God still wants to speak to you. He still wants you to know He is present in your present. He still loves you.  

I started in my backwards book and have kept on in reverse order. Staples was kind enough to print me a new one free of charge so that means it's GIVEAWAY time. If you would like a chance to win this FREE copy of the Ephesians workbook, leave a comment below sharing what hinders you from making time to be in the Word with God. Winner will be announced Monday, October 3. 

Now one more thing...

If you started this study or didn't start, or are somewhere in between, (and you're not currently part of a Bible study), can I encourage you to pick up where you left off? No room for feeling like a failure. No condemnation here. Not from Jesus. Just go with it. Get into the Word. God so badly wants your attention. He doesn't compete so He often waits until we are still and quiet. He has things to speak to you. He wants to remind you of who you are in Him. He wants to breathe life and purpose into what you're doing. He wants you to rest in Him instead of getting caught in the rat race of trying to find rest and peace. Let's keep it simple. 

1) If you're a paper person, get yourself some paper. Print off the whole thing with some sort of binding. (Do it in black and white for significant savings!) I've even included it by CLICKING RIGHT HERE so you don't need to go diving through your inbox. You may never return! 

2) Find a friend. Seriously, everything is better with a friend. Pick a night or a morning. Find a cool new coffee shop you've been wanting to try. Sit, drink, share life and encourage one another with what God is doing. (And to my two friends who "started" this with me in July, if you're reading this, I'll be texting you ASAP!) 

3) Stop something. Our theme verse is Romans 12:2. If you go back a verse, the precursor to having a transformed mind is surrender (living sacrifice) and the invitation to stop conforming. Right now, to make some space in my brain and my life, I've stopped Instagram for the next couple weeks. Unsubscribe from something. Be creative! But we have to make room. 

Are you with me? Let's do this together. Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment below if you'd like to WIN a free workbook!