It's the Final Countdown!

When I was in my last semester at Red Deer College I had a lighter course load than I was expecting. I pondered what to do with the extra 150 minutes I now had every week. Wedding plan? Get a job? Study? I was letting my mom in on this news and our conversation went something like this:

Her: You should get into the Word. 

Me: No mom, I need to do something productive with my time.

Her: (probably in a mom voice): I'm serious. You should use your extra time to get into the Word. 

Me: Fine...

I think we often struggle to see getting into the Word as "productive" because often the results aren't immediately observable. We live in a world that loves all things instant. Some of my favorite shows have the word "extreme" and "makeover" in the title because you can see a total transformation happen in just 60 minutes, less commercials. 

Real change doesn't happen like that. Take a look outside for a moment. Trees, grass, flowers, plants (buried below the snow if you're stuck in winter like me) all take time to grow. God often uses time to make things grow. I can honestly say, there has been no better investment of my time than to get to know God in His Word over the years.  

After many many months, there is just a couple of days until Ephesians:Walk in Love launches at Get Into the Word. I am SO excited. If you aren't one of them and you aren't currently part of a Bible study, I would encourage you to join! 

Find a friend, or sign up individually today at Make sure you type in your email address correctly and then check your inbox for a confirmation email. 

"See you" Monday!