A Long Delayed Announcement

Hello to our GITW Gang: As most of you are aware it's now Fall 2015 (one year later than I was hoping the Ephesians study would be ready to go) and unfortunately, it's not yet ready to go. However, I am pleased to announce that we are now planning to launch in January, 2016. I know without a doubt that God has asked this of me, and I am also very aware of the challenges that are easy for me to use as excuses for obedience.

Life is busy, but that's nothing new and certainly not exclusive to me! Then there is this fear of failure that always seems to loom in the background making it exceptionally easy to procrastinate. And to top it off, this unrealistic idea that everything must be done perfectly and I can't be finished until it is.

So today, I admit my procrastination is rooted in fear of failing. My perfectionist tendencies are recovering, and for the author of Get Into the Word, it is still a challenge to actually get into the Word!

I'm making this announcement so I am accountable. If you see me or talk to me, please do ask how it's coming along. And most importantly, pray for me! As I will be praying for you!

I will see you in January!