The LAST James Post... Even if you aren't done....

As I've run into people who are enrolled in the study, I've casually asked, how's the study going? From some, I've gotten a nervous laugh and eyes looking at the ground, followed by, "Ummm.... I really liked the first two I need to go back and start again." I smile because I've been there... and I am there. In 2010, my New Year's resolution was to read the Old Testament.  This morning I read 2 Kings 7. If you're not familiar with the Old Testament, I'm still pretty close to the beginning of it for being 4.5 years later. This has been my resolution before and each time I failed, I went back to Genesis. The result of the "start over" approach was I read Genesis a whole bunch of times and never made it over the old Levitical hump.

To this I say, join me in making imperfect progress. If the James study took you 6 weeks to complete, great. If it's taken you 6 weeks to do 2 weeks great. Resist the urge to start over until you do it perfectly, and trust God's timing.

The study will remain available as a self-serve study on for anyone else who wants to either continue the study or start it. The personal study is now redesigned, edited and available in one single download. You can access here: Journey Through James Personal Study Guide

Whether or not you've finished, I would invite you to fill out the Feedback Form. This will be a great help to us in planning our next study!

Have a great summer everyone! I pray that you and I both accept the invitation to get into His Word everyday of our lives.

I hope to see you sometime in the fall for Ephesians.