Looking Forward

I wanted to leave you with these closing thoughts from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. They remind me why trials can be considered pure joy:

"Do not resist or run from the difficulties in your life. Theses problems are not random mistakes; they are hand-tailored blessings designed for your benefit and growth. Embrace all the circumstances that I allow in your life, trusting Me to bring good out of them. View problems as opportunities to rely more fully on Me. 

When you start to feel stressed, let those feelings alert you to your need for Me. Thus, your needs become doorways to deep dependence on Me and increasing intimacy between us. Although self-sufficiency is acclaimed in the world, reliance on Me produces abundant living in My kingdom. Thank Me for the difficulties in your life since they provide protection from the idolatry of self-reliance."

Looking Forward: Ephesians

There will be a next study at Get Into the Word on the book of Ephesians. I am very excited as this book has played a big part in the renewing of my mind! The goal  is sometime in the fall but we will take it one step at a time as the Lord leads! If you are subscribed to the site, you will get any posts or news that are sent out. Please fill out the Feedback Form even if you're not quite finished. It will help us improve the next study and better meet the needs of the users.

James Redesign: 

All of the personal study guides from James are in the process of being compiled into a workbook PDF that will be available for download. It will incorporate some excerpts from the blog. We wanted to simplify the process to allow as many women as possible to get into the Word and not be hindered by technical difficulties. Based on the feedback and observations from this study, having one download will simplify and improve accountability. I would encourage you to spread the word about the Bible study if you found it useful in your spiritual walk. Our goal is to see more and more women meet with God on the pages of His Word and get to know Him through experience. Abundant life is at stake! The videos will remain on the website so you can finish your Journey Through James as your schedule allows. I like to call it, intentional flexibility.  Watch for the entire Journey Through James personal study guide download next week before our summer hiatus.