Journey Through James Session 5

Welcome to the homestretch! This the last week of personal study and the second last video. Next week is the final wrap-up video before SUMMER! (Anyone else excited for summer?) I've been praying that God will continue to meet with you on the pages of His Word as you get into the Word. He's never finished with us. I've been encouraged by what many of you have shared about what He's been up to in your life. I've loved hearing about those who are in a Bible study for the first time, are returning to Bible study after a hiatus, and those experiencing Him working deeper still.

This whole book, but especially this chapter is so near and dear to my heart. One of the verses you'll be studying in chapter 5 was one my dad shared with me during his battle with ALS and it's forever etched in my heart and mind. (If you want to read more about that journey, you can click here to do so.) I'm so privileged to be sharing it with you this week.

If you've fallen behind, do not fret. Resist the urge to quit because it didn't go according to the perfect plan. Decide today is a day to meet with God. You're exactly where He knew you would be. Continue from where you last left off and trust God's sovereignty over your entire life. He always meets you exactly where we're at with exactly what you need.

May your heart desire more of His presence in your life this week!



Week 5 Instructions:

1. Download the  Personal Study-Viewer Guide JAMES 5 and use the viewer guide as you watch the video.

2. Watch Video Session 5 below (16:52) and answer one of the reflection questions in the comment box below.

3. Get into the Word and complete part 1 & 2 of your personal study guide at your own pace.

4. Discuss: Watch for a devotional posting later this week and leave your personal response in the comment section.

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Please join us in prayer:

We have been asked if there will be a next study. Please join us in praying for God's direction for this ministry. We are trusting Him to provide and to work out the timing and the details. And also VERY excited about what He is doing and will continue to do through this ministry. I supposed our friend Jimmy would say, "You ought to say, if it's the Lord's will we will live or do this or that...." It's all His. :)

Have we met you yet?

If not head over to the About You page and tell us a bit about yourself and what God is doing in your life as you've been in the Word. It would be such an encouragement.


Just an FYI...

In case you were wondering, yes, I did endure a very effective weight loss program between Session 3 & 4 called labor and delivery. :) My baby boy was born 3 days after we filmed Session 3! Once we were finished, God must've given him the green light to begin his journey out. (If you have a few spare minutes and any level of interest, you can read about that journey here.) My little Bug didn't want to be left out of the remaining sessions so he did a few vocal exercises in the background. If you thought you heard a baby crying, no you weren't going crazy. :)