Journey Through James: Session 4

I love this time of year. Just a few weeks ago my trees in the backyard were looking dead. Then buds appeared. Now all of a sudden they're filled with leaves and looking a little taller each day. They seems to be growing quickly but I've never noticed one particular moment where they sprang up a few inches. It's been a process. I want to encourage you this week to stay the course! Continue to get in the Word and let God have His way in your life. We're nearing the James finish line and I know that God is very much at work in our midst, but I also know He's not finished! The road to spiritual maturity isn't an easy one, nor is it a short one. But it's a wonderful one. The result of God at work in us is amazing but the process can be uncomfortable. The road can sometimes feel like you're being sandpapered, broken into many pieces, or under the intense heat of a refining fire. The uncomfortability-factor of certain legs can cause some to throw in the towel and settle back into church-as-usual, relationships-as-usual, or quiet-time-as-usual.  The kind where you can check the box but miss out on depth, transparency and authenticity. Many people miss out on the wonderful gift of intimacy with God because they aren't willing to go through the process. But trust Him, He is going somewhere with you!

I've always thought of spiritual life as a journey to becoming more like Jesus but maybe it's my journey of becoming more like Jesus. Perhaps spiritual maturity isn't a destination to be arrived at but choosing a perpetual state of surrender.  It's something that happens each day as our faith is tested and we choose to believe God.

I pray that you will continue to commit to His process in you life this week. We often don't know growth is happening until after it's happened!

In Christ,



Week 4 Instructions:

1. Download the  Personal Study-Viewer Guide JAMES 4 and use the viewer guide as you watch the video.

2. Watch Video Session 4 below (8:56) and answer one of the reflection questions in the comment box below.

3. Get into the Word and complete part 1 & 2 of your personal study guide at your own pace.

4. Discuss: Watch for a devotional posting later this week and leave your personal response in the comment section.


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