Journey Through James: Session 1

Good Morning! I am bursting at the seams with excitement. I am humbled, honored and thrilled that you chose to join us on this intentional journey into God's word. I cannot think of a greater privilege nor better way to invest time than to meet with God on the pages of His Word. I pray that you encounter Him in a fresh way whether you're reading James for the first time, studying it for the tenth time or anything in between. God's Word is alive and active, and He is ready and willing to reveal Himself to you.

Let's talk about you for a minute... I am floored... there are so many more of you than we expected... just over 100! Praise God! You span 5 decades, 3 countries, more than 25 cities and 17 states and provinces. I can only begin to imagine the wealth of wisdom and encouragement that this group has to offer.

Below are the materials you will need for the first week of study.

  1. Download Personal Study-Viewer Guide JAMES 1. The first page is a viewer guide to use with the video and the remaining pages are your personal study guide for the week. Print them off or view them on your i-Device or computer and record your responses in a journal. Whichever you prefer!
  2. Watch Video Session 1 below and use the Viewer Guide if you're a fill-in-the-blanker
  3. Share a response or two from the Viewer Guide Reflection Questions in the forum/comment area. From the mobile site: "Leave a Reply"or from your computer, look slightly up to the right and click on the speech bubble which should open up the comment area.
  4. Get into the Word and meet with God on the pages of your Bible and the personal study guide this week

I pray that you find God's Word to be alive and active in your heart and mind this week and that He gives you His perspective on whatever you may be facing!